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Who Will Win the Upcoming NFL Super Bowl?

Amidst all the offseason cuts, additions, and injuries it is tough to predict which team will be hoisting that ever so glorious Vince Lombardi trophy. Although there many great teams in the NFL, two teams that seem most likely to have their names on Super Bowl game tickets happen to be the Broncos and Seahawks.

If we date back to the previous Superbowl it is easy to predict that the Seahawks would trample over the Broncos once again, but my gut tells me that the Broncos will come through the gates with much more ferocity. Having been beaten like that in the previous year, the Broncos have a strong distaste of defeat and humiliation. It is this taste that is impossible to wash out and can only be cleansed by the taste of triumph and victory.

Teams who have been so close to grasp the illustrious championship trophy in any sport, have always come back the following year with much more fire. For example, the San Antonio Spurs who were one rebound, one free throw away for capturing another NBA title lost to the Miami Heat in a gut-wrenching 7 game series. The following year however, they all had that bad taste lingering in their mouths and destroyed the Miami Heat in 5 games.

It is when you lose in a disturbing fashion that pushes you to do whatever it takes to right that wrong.

It is my prediction that the Broncos have learned much from their loss against the defense blazing Seahawks. The Broncos will do whatever it takes to win and if it so happens to be the Seahawks that will be in their way again then the sweeter it will be. With the Broncos being led by the experienced Peyton Manning, I believe that he will be able to adjust and adapt and finally, to triumph.

Some may suggest that I’m insane for picking the Broncos over the Seahawks, but to suggest that the Broncos won’t want it more than the Seahawks is pure ludicrous.

Denver Broncos, 2014 Superbowl Champions to be.

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Athletes Hate This Disgusting Food That Is Healthy

Whether it is chicken liver of liver from beef (or calves) …liver is probably the most hated food.  A huge percentage of the population thinks it is disgusting and will not, under any circumstances, eat it. However, it is also one of the most nutrient dense foods. Liver has the highest amount of Vitamin A compared to other foods and a terrific amount of various B vitamins, including the very important B12 vitamin. It also contains a number of amino acids and many important minerals. But, it is easy to understand how people would find it not appetizing. It has a weird texture and has kind of a funky smell.

Liver has many nutrients that are extremely good for you. It is one of the best food sources source of vitamin B12, vitamin A, copper, folate, riboflavin, selenium, zinc, vitamin C, niacin, phosphorus, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and iron. Liver is also one of the best sources of protein. It is believed to help combat fatigue and has long been popular among bodybuilders and other athletes. More recently it has become popular with followers of the Paleo Diet. Some nutritionists and food experts think liver is dangerous because it contains high levels of vitamin A and they believe liver contains toxins. But, others point out that liver doesn’t contain toxins but filters them out and does not store them. Regardless of this debate, liver nutritional supplements are increasing in popularity lately. This may be because followers of the Paleo Diet are big on liver, as are many body builders and athletes. Many get their liver in supplement form. Liver supplements are usually referred to as Desiccated Liver. Desiccated simply means dehydrated so it is not as weird as it sounds. Consumers should use the same criteria shopping for a desiccated liver supplement that they would when buying any meat or beef. For instance, many experts agree that grass-fed cattle beef produce better, healthier than beef from cattle pumped up with growth hormones and antibiotics. And, animals that are free to roam (free range) are logically considered healthier than those cooped up in cages in inhumane, disgusting conditions. So, liver or desiccated liver (dehydrated liver powder) supplements should be evaluated in the same way beef or chicken is. Simple logic should lead most to conclude that hormone free, grass-fed, free range beef is always better tasting and healthier than mass produced meats. And, the same applies to liver.


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