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Who Will Win the Upcoming NFL Super Bowl?

Amidst all the offseason cuts, additions, and injuries it is tough to predict which team will be hoisting that ever so glorious Vince Lombardi trophy. Although there many great teams out there, two teams seem to stand out more and those two teams so happen to be the Broncos and Seahawks. If we date back to the previous Superbowl it is easy to predict that the Seahawks would trample over the Broncos once again, but my gut tells me that the Broncos will come through the gates with much more … [Read More...]

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Derrick Rose

NBA News: Can Derrick Rose Rise to the Occasion?

Derrick Rose, former MVP of the NBA, has much to prove after suffering major injuries in both knees. He has been sidelined for majority of the last two NBA seasons and many have doubts that he will never return back to his MVP days. Often criticized for not returning to the court when medically … [Read More...]

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Top 10 Fantasy Football Players 2014

Do you smell that? It’s Fantasy Football time! As the draft season begins to heat up in the kitchen, it’s time to stock up on key ingredient players of the year for an All-Star menu! Let’s chop straight through the Top 10 front-runners. 1.) Adrian Peterson – If AP was a stock, I’d invest in him! The […]

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A Look Towards the 2014 NFL Season

The world let out a collective sigh of relief as the Hall of Fame Game between the Bills and Giants kicked off. Sure, the game meant nothing for records, but it meant that football is back, after a long, hot offseason. As you can imagine, pundits and keyboard warriors are racing to publish their lists […]

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